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Alessandro Rampazzo, Italian photojournalist, born in 1986.
I started working as professional in 2010 in a local newspaper. After some months I decided to leave local stories to experiment the international context. I decided to move to Tunisia first, and than to Egypt to cover the so called Arab Spring. In the last two years I have been working mainly in North Africa region with stories focused on the aftermath of the revolution mainly in Tunisia and Egypt. There I have been working also in the news for a while, covering elections, demonstrations, second/third revolutions and a part of the process of post revolution. I've worked also in Greece, Patras, with the sub-Saharan immigrants looking for a better life in Europe. After two years of international stories I decided to come back to Italy to work in my home land for some time. Here I focused mainly on society stories related to the changes.
In 2014 I've been working in Brazil on environmental and social stories, and in Albania on a long term project related with the culture of the revenge.
Founding member of "Collettivo Fotosocial", an Italian collective reporting on social issues.
My works are distributed world wide by SIPA and Echo, in Italy by LUZ and were published both in italian and international magazines, newspapers, and web magazines like Espresso, Paris Match, L'Instant, Portraits of China, Die Zeit, Bild Am Sonntag, Focus Germany, Woz, La Repubblica, GQ, Gente, Amica, Nouvel Observateur,,, MSNBC,, among the others.


Honorable Mention at IPA 2012 with my work "No More Words"



Alessandro Rampazzo


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